Training Pass Sale!

People Are The Problem

In accident investigations there is always an element of Human Error, which is why we’re offering a 30%  discount on our top 4 selling courses.

Your staff are not only a valuable asset, they are the world to their family.  Imagine having to tell your employees family that they are not coming home.

How would you feel?

How would you feel telling these people that their loved one isn’t coming home?  Because it will be you, it won’t be the police.  Workplace accident death knocks are the responsibility of the employer.

The only way you can protect against human error as an employer, is to provide Training, Instruction, Supervision and Information.


To help you on your way to meeting this requirement, I’ve bundled together Four Essential Online Safety Courses and reduced the price by 30%.

Each pass contains:

Asbestos Awareness

Manual Handling

Fire Marshal Training

Work at Height


Each pass is valid for one employee and there is no time limit on completing the courses.

Remember, you can also do module one of EVERY course, absolutely free to see if it is the course for you.

You can read the full spec on each course by clicking the links above, however if you would like to purchase the Basic Training Pass, Please click the button below to pay.

Please remember that we can only allocate courses between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday.  If you would like to access these courses out of these hours, please buy the courses individually.

So, People, specifically Your people.  You’re not only reducing the likelihood of having to do a death knock, you’re also reducing the potential for personal injury claims and unwanted attention from your clients by investing in a training pass.

There is a way to get FREE health and safety training via our monthly subscription service – click for more info.