Risk Assessment and Method Statement, it just a quick way of saying it.


Checking is probably a better description.


Every construction company that employs subcontractors must ensure that they are employing competent subcontractors.  It is a requirement of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

A way of checking that a subcontractor is competent is by making sure their RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) meet current legal standards.  We call this chec, an Appraisal.

The RAMS Appraisal Process

Subcontractors are appointed by our clients.

You are then asked to complete This Appraisal Checksheet to ensure you send in everything we need to see

Subcontractors are requested to send their SITE SPECIFIC risk assessments and method statement to us, Infinite Safety Ltd.

You can do this by entering your details and uploading your files on this page

We then check your risk assessment and method statement, giving feedback on the Appraisal Checksheet you sent us where necessary

If you do not have Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Please get in touch with us as you could benefit from our discounted sub-contractor rates which we offer to the supply chain of our Principal Contractor clients.

Simply enter, I have no Paperwork along with your contact details on this page

If you have any questions about this process, please leave us a message via our Contact Page