Freelance Health and Safety Manager

A Freelance Health and Safety Manager can be a useful resource for any business.

Health and Safety Manager Holiday or Sickness Cover

Most of the time, it’s fine to be without an in house Health and Safety Manager for a couple of weeks.  But what if something goes wrong in that time?  Rather than stress out your Manager, with a bulk of work before and after their holiday, I can cover the site inspections during their holiday.  A fresh pair of eyes can be a valuable thing. I also cover sickness and parental leave at short notice or be an extra resource on site for summer works, such as School projects.

Health and Safety Project Completion

If you have a project that is a time-eater, I can complete it as a Freelance Health and Safety Manager.  Working remotely, I can complete paperwork such as Supplier Approvals, Writing CDM Plans and Approving Sub-contractor RAMS.  With the problems 2020 has brought us, I’ve completed several COVID-Secure projects with a quick turnaround.

Construction Site Troubleshooting

Some sites are trying – and every builder has them – The mix of sub-contractors is not good, the site manager is demotivated, the health and safety manager is losing the will to live and the whole site just needs troubleshooting and sorting out.   This is a service, which I didn’t think would sell.  Turns out it’s my best seller!!  By spending four hours on site I can identify the problems.  Over the next day, I complete the site audit report followed by an action plan.  The action plan is intense.  It has solutions to problems and timescales for rectification.  Then I liaise with site, re-audit two weeks later and take it from there.  This approach works because I’m a new face.  I can dig down to the root of a problem without the drama of upsetting people.  I’m just an auditor to the site team and I will be given completely different information than the people they usually see.  I am also qualified in Business Administration, Customer Service and Auditing.  By using my health and safety skills with my business skills, I can turn your site around to a productive and efficient site.

Accident Investigation

IOSH Trained in Accident Investigation, I am qualified to take statements under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and to prepare court defence bundles.  The majority of Personal Injury claims against construction companies are not genuine, be that a work of fiction or the circumstances exaggerated.  By undertaking a full accident investigation, your insurers know you are serious about defending your claim.  It also demonstrates your commitment to the Health and Safety at Work Act and, should a Health and Safety Executive Intervention also be ininitated, it will go in your favour.

Remote Site Cover or Programme Overlap Cover

I can cover sites which are off the beaten track.  There’s nothing worse than having a site which takes longer to get to than you are on site.  As a business, its non-productive time, so outsource it.  I can also cover a site start or finish when your programme overlaps and stretches your current inspector a little thin.

If you need help, get in touch via the contact page and I’ll be in touch to see how I can help your business.