Construction Site Safety Inspections

Construction Site Safety Inspections are the Most effective way to avoid hefty HSE intervention Fees.

By identifying problems and offering solutions, unsafe working practices and site conditions can be rectified before an accident happens by undertaking regular Construction Site Safety Inspections.

A fresh pair of eyes in a fast moving environment

We offer one off or project based construction safety inspections to support your aim of now accidents and efficient working.

Our construction site safety inspections check:

  • Statutory paperwork and inspections
  • Welfare provision
  • Dust and noise management
  • Working at Height
  • Housekeeping and access to workplaces
  • Public protection
  • Pedestrian and vehicular segregation
  • Plant and equipment
  • Fire risk
  • Training and information availability
  • Use and suitability of PPE
  • Response to ongoing issues
  • and during the Covid-19 Restrictions, we check your site is COVID-SECURE


Whether your site needs troubleshooting or a snapshot of where you’re at, we can help.

Following up and Looking Out for Your Business

Writing a report and walking off is not where the job ends.  We issue an action register which the person in control of the site needs to complete.  We check the action taken, review the evidence sent to us and advise You if further action is necessary.

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