What is Covid-Secure

What Is Covid-Secure?

Covid-Secure was first mentioned by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, during his address to the nation on the 10th of May.  The following day, UK Government Guidance – Working Safely During Coronavirus, was issued.

Download Covid-Secure guidance from Government of the UK

What is Covid-Secure Guidance?

There are 8 sets of guidance to cover each type of workplace.  They are:

  • Construction and Other Work
  • Factories, Plants and Warehouses
  • Labs and Resource Facilities
  • Office and Contact Centres
  • Other Peoples’s Homes
  • Restaurants Offering Takeaway or Delivery
  • Shops and Branches
  • Vehicles

Each document covers what you need to do to re-open your business after lockdown.  The latest Government Coronavirus Advice on how to meet the COVID-Secure requirements  can be downloaded from the Gov.uk Website.

What is Covid-Secure

What is in the Covid-Secure Guidance?

Although each guidance is specifically for the type of workplace, there are 5 key areas which are common.  These are covered in this blog about the 5 steps to working safely during coronavirus.

The 5 MUST DO things to be allowed to work on site whilst Covid-19 is present in the UK

Then each guidance document for each sector goes into greater detail, for example the construction guidance covers pedestrian routes where this is not needed in the working in other people’s home guidance.

However, basis of all the guidance – and don’t forget, the Health and Safety Executive are using this guidance as an enforcement tool – is risk assessment.  So you need to produce a risk assessment to address all the points in the covid-secure guidance.

How To Write a Covid-Secure Risk Assessment

It’s a big job but you can do it.  Again, it’s not a skill issue, it’s a time issue.  I spent two full days working on the Covid-secure Risk Assessment for Housebuilders Download and I’m a fully qualified health and safety manager.

So, here’s how to do it.

  1. Download the relevant guidance from gov.uk
  2. Read the guidance
  3. Read the guidance again and write on the guidance, how YOU as a business can meet each requirement
  4. Use your usual Risk Assessment form to write out the risk assessment (it will be very long – mine is 15 pages)
  5. Communicate the risk assessment to all your employees
  6. Provide the risk assessment to all your clients if you are working on site

Or you could download a template here, add your company name and you’ve saved yourself a few days.

Download a COVID Risk Assessment




If you have any questions, or if you are struggling to match up your current assessment to your client’s requirements, get in touch and I’ll advise on the easiest way to get Your company compliant.

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