Housebuilding During Covid Restrictions

Housebuilding During Covid Restrictions

Yes.  Housebuilding during Covid restrictions can happen, but you need to ensure…

  • Workers keep to social distancing rules and keep 2 metres apart.
  • Hand washing facilities are available

Handwash Facilities MUST be available to continue housebuilding during covid restrictions

Is Construction work Essential Work?

The exact words of the Government/Health and Safety Executive are “Keep your business open. With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any other businesses to close – indeed it is important for business to carry on.”

What do Construction Sites need to do to continue Housebuilding During Covid Restrictions?

Download a COVID Risk Assessment

  • Update all risk assessments and method statements to include Covid-19 precautions
  • Keep 2 metres between people at all times
  • Provide handwashing facilities – these can be outdoor and must have soap, or if not possible hand sanitiser.
  • Provide handwashing facility at entrance/exit point
  • Provide bins with liners for paper towel disposal and empty regularly
  • Provide additional parking spaces to avoid car sharing
  • Stop all non-essential visitors (sales reps, purchasers etc) – put site manager phone number on gate to request entry.  Entry must be denied if non-essential.
  • Have staggered start and finish times to avoid congestion of people
  • Remove contact entry systems (fingerprint entry)
  • Waiting stripes to be placed at 2 meter spacesPlace 2m waiting stripes on ground if there is a queue to enter site
  • Clean contact points regularly ie handles, taps, soap dispensers, handrails
  • Hold inductions sessions outdoors with 2 metres between each person in all directions
  • Drivers to remain in vehicle where possible or wash hands before and after offloading
  • Place 2m waiting stripes outside welfare
  • Ensure only 1 person in toilet block at once
  • Hands to be washed before and after using toilet facilities
  • Toilet door handles, flushes, seats and locks to be cleaned throughout the day
  • Portaloos to be emptied and serviced more regularly
  • Workforce are required to stay on site for full shift, ie. do not leave for lunch break to use local shops
  • Kettles, microwaves and fridges to be cleaned after each use.  If they cannot be cleaned this frequently, they must be removed.
  • Encourage workforce to bring own food, which does not require heating, to eat and flasks/drinks from home.
  • Hands to be washed before and after eating/use of canteen
  • Dedicated eating areas on site to be identified and places marked out at least 2 metres apart
  • Re-usable crockery and cutlery should be taken out of use
  • Drinking water source taps to be cleaned regularly
  • Tables and chairs to be cleaned between each use
  • Individuals need to clean up their own rubbish and dispose of it
  • Trades to take home wet gear rather than use drying room
  • Work requiring skin to skin contact is not permitted
  • Plan works to ensure 2 metre social distance can be maintained
  • Plan works to ensure contact is minimised ie. one trade in one plot
  • Re-usable PPE to be cleaned after each shift and never shared
  • Disposable PPE to be disposed of so it cannot be re-used
  • Lift/hoist capacity to be reduced to keep people distant – stairs are preferable
  • Avoid multiple-person use of plant
  • Clean plant cabs between users
  • Office equipment to be cleaned down regularly ie keyboards, phones, door handles/push plates, drawers, kettles, plugs, chargers

That is a lot to take in and will take planning and preparation to continue Housebuilding during Covid Restrictions

If you are a worker on site and you want to know how to personally comply, you can download a checklist of what employees need to do here.

If you are an employer, you need to make sure your site is COVID-SECURE.  This means undertaking an extensive risk assessment and implementing control measures to reduce the risk of transmission.

To help you become COVID-SECURE, we’ve put together a download pack, available in our Download section.  All you need to do is complete the documents with your details and they are ready for implementation within your business.

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