How to Work on Site during Covid 19

The 5 MUST DO things to be allowed to work on site whilst Covid-19 is present in the UK

Work on Site During COVID 19 Restrictions CAN Happen with These 5 Steps in Place

Following the UK Government advice, released on the 19th of May, here’s what you need to know about Work on Site during Covid 19 restrictions.  Its the Government’s 5 step guide to working safely on site whilst COVID 19 is present in the UK.

1. Prepare a COVID-19 Risk Assessment to Work on Site during Covid 19

Download a COVID Risk Assessment to work on site during covid-19 restrictions

The Risk Assessment needs to identify all the risks related to COVID-19 present in the workplace and detail how you will control them to minimise the risk to employees.  You can download a risk assessment template from us.  It includes all the risks present on construction sites and how to manage them.

2. Develop COVID-SECURE Cleaning, Handwashing and Hygiene Procedures

There must be a handwashing procedure to work on site during covid 19 restrictions

A cleaning regime needs to be in place to allow work on site during the Covid 19 outbreak.  Clean common use areas more often to reduce the risk of transmission.  Provide additional hand wash stations and clean them throughout the day.  Hygiene procedures need to be in place to ensure the risk of transmission controlled.  Reduce transmission with single use cups and paper towels.  Empty bins regularly and encourage their use.  Damage single use PPE such as gloves and masks before disposal to ensure they cannot be used by another person and the virus transmitted this way.  Wash hands on arrival to site and before leaving and provide hand sanitiser where handwash stations are impossible.

3. Help People Work from Home rather than Work on Site during Covid 19 Restrictions

Homeworking for non-productive staff rather than work on site during COVID19 restrictions

People take visiting site for granted to do their job but now it is a requirement to reduce the number of visitors as this increases the risk of transmission.  As an employer, you are required to help people work from home.  Provide a laptop for this but could you go further?  Utilise technology like Zoom for video calling to reduce the number of meetings or discuss a problem?  Consider the staff of other companies too, such as local authorities or consultancies, could you use video calling to reduce person to person contact?

4. Maintain 2 metre Social Distancing Where Possible

Maintain a 2 Metre Social Distance at Work
Maintain a 2 Metre Social Distance at Work on Site During Covid 19 Restrictions

Planning is key to getting this right.  On a construction site, people move around randomly over the course of the day without a second thought.  You need to ensure that all people are working 2 meters apart.  If they cannot maintain a 2 metre social distance, then consider alternative methods of work.  All construction workers should be aware of what 2 metres looks like but they must remember to implement it when walking around site and using the facilities, not just when they are working.

5. Where People Cannot be 2 Metres Apart, Manage Transmission Risk on Site during Covid 19 restrictions

Partitions and shields can be used where 2 metre social distance cannot be maintained Not all construction work can be carried out at a 2 metre distance.  Where it cannot, workers should be “teamed” to reduce the number of people they are in contact with.  Vehicle cab partitions are becoming a popular choice for those having to share vehicles and partitioning can also be used in the workplace so long as the partition screens are wiped down.  Back to back or side to side working is preferable to face to face and face coverings must be worn if working within 2 metres of each other.

The full government guidance, published on the 19th of May 2020, can be read in full by clicking here.

Keep checking back for COVID-19 updates and if you are struggling with the paperwork required to keep your company COVID-SECURE, either get in touch or visit our download section.

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