How To Provide a Contactless Induction

A main principle of infection control is to reduce touch points where one
person can pick up germs from another and become infected. Covid-19
is spreading due to poor infection control by the nation as a whole and
you can play your part in controlling the infection by reducing the touch
points in your workplace.

On a construction site one of the main health and safety requirements is
to induct staff working on the site. Outdoor inductions are great in
summer but with the wet, winter months approaching, there is a better

Set up an induction file that can be read on people’s phones

If you are an Infinite Safety client, we can provide your site or company
induction as a link online.

We will then provide you with a QR code for people to scan to obtain
the induction file on their phone. All you have to do is print off the QR
Code Sheet we send to you and instruct everyone who needs inducting to
point their camera at it.

Their phone will then ask if it should open the link.

They click yes and will be required to fill in their name and phone

This will also meet the current requirement for track and trace if
everyone on site is inducted.

Once their details have been entered, the induction file will appear on
their phone and you have fulfilled two legal duties without coming into
contact with anyone. You can even send the QR code to them before
they attend site!

If you need help or have any questions, please get in touch by
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