Printable Covid Sign
Printable Covid Sign

Printable Covid Signs for the Workplace

Our free Printable Covid Signs can be downloaded to help businesses meet their legal duty under the Coronavirus Bill and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Download Covid Secure Statement

What Covid Signs do I need?

There are two government signs you are required to display if you are open to the public.

The Covid-Secure Notice from the Government which can be downloaded on this link

and the NHS Coronavirus QR code for your location which enables the track and trace app to work.






Free Printable Covid Signs to Help Manage Covid-19 Risk

The eight printable posters I’ve put together are ones that I’ve needed to reduce covid-19 transmission risk to a manageable level.

The pack includes:

  1. Stop! Call this number for entry
  2. Stop! Sanitise hands before entering
  3. Maximum Occupancy Sign
  4. Compulsory Face Mask Guidance
  5. One Way signs (left, right and ahead)
  6. Please Clean After Use
  7. Covid Symptom Poster
  8. How to Self Isolate


The Health and Safety Executive are Out and Inspecting

The Health and Safety Executive are actively inspecting businesses to ensure the Covid risk is being managed adequately. With the R Rate sneaking up and the release of the NHS Track and Trace App, the inspectors have got a heads up of where control measures are not tight enough.

The fines are hefty for non-compliance so you need to know what the latest guidance is.

We are checking the HSE, Government and Construction Leadership Council websites twice daily for updates so we can keep our clients updated.  This is our September 24th Update Post.

Workplace Covid Restrictions









Control the Covid Risk as Well as You Can

There’s no point having a “Sanitise your Hands” sign without having a supply of sanitiser near the sign and the maximum number of people in an enclosed space needs to be monitored and enforced.

It’s also worth ensuring you have a supply of masks available as masks do break and do need changing.

And remember the toilet roll!  You can’t operate as a business without welfare facilities for your employees.

Remember To:

Buy 5 Litres of Hand Sanitiser

Buy Individual Hand Sanitiser

Buy Disposable Face Mask

Buy First Aid Kit

Buy Anti-bacterial Cleaning Supplies

Buy Toilet Roll

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