What Do I Need For SMAS Accreditation?

In this post, I’m going to outline all the documents you need to achieve the SMAS Accreditation.

SMAS, Safety Advisory Management Services, is one of many SSIP Level 1 accreditations available for clients and principal contractors to insist you have for addition to their tender list.

How to apply for SMAS Accreditation

The whole application is completed online through the SMAS portal.  Documents are uploaded and you can view the current price of SMAS assessment here.

There are 19 sections to the assessment.  Don’t be daunted, I have a free PDF you can download which holds your hand and walks you through the application, document by document.

The documents you will need for SMAS Accreditation are:

  1. Your Safety Advisors CV
  2. Proof of Your Safety Advisors Qualification
  3. Signed Health and Safety Policy Statement
  4. Full Health and Safety Policy
  5. Recent Safety Inspection Reports
  6. PAT Test records
  7. Plant Certification such as Thorough Inspection Certificate
  8. Fire Risk Assessment
  9. Safety Audit Reports
  10. Subcontractor Competence Questionnaire
  11. Labour Only Operative Signing onto Safety Arrangements
  12. A Method Statement
  13. A Risk Assessment
  14. Your Coshh Assessments
  15. Training Matrix showing all employees
  16. Training Matrix showing labour only operatives
  17. Qualification proof for the Director/Owner in charge of day to day safety
  18. Supervisors Qualification Certificates
  19. Operatives Qualification Evidence
  20. Asbestos Awareness Qualifications
  21. Explanation and remedial actions following HSE interventions within the last 5 years
  22. Details of any RIDDOR Reportable accidents
  23. A report of the actions taken to prevent recurrence of the accident
  24. Toolbox Talk Registers
  25. Minutes of Health and Safety Meetings
  26. Details of your company’s welfare requirements
Documents required for SMAS
Download my Application Walkthrough and I’ll show you EXACTLY what you need

The Part Most Companies Fail On

Training is the downfall of most applicants because they either haven’t kept on top of keeping qualifications valid or the training matrix is out of date.

A training matrix is not particularly difficult to do and just needs checking monthly to see what training is required.

If your training is delivered online, it’s likely that copy certificates can easily be downloaded.  They can from our Online Training System.

How long will the SMAS Accreditation process take?

Like anything, the first time you do anything, it takes a bit longer but with practice it becomes easier and therefore faster.

You can take the guesswork out of it by downloading our PDF which walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

What to do when you have it all together

Once you have completed, paid for and submitted the application, it will take a few days for it to be allocated to an assessor.  Then the process is quick, compared to other providers such as Constructionline and SafeContractor.

Within the week, you will be notified if you have successfully completed the application or if any additional information is required.

If it is required, it needs to be uploaded through the online system.

If you need help completing a SMAS application

Get in touch via our contact page if you would like to hand the whole process over, or try our download and see how you go.  You can always ask a question via our contact page.

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