Downloadable Covid Breifing – 22nd January 2021

Downloadable Covid Briefing for Construction Sites – 22nd January 2021

Communication is one of the most important factors of keeping your site Covid-Secure.  Our Downloadable Covid Briefing is a quick and easy way to keep up to date and keep your site safe.

Briefing people in your workplace – employees, subcontractors, visitors – is essential if you want a high level of compliance to keep your workplace Covid Free.

Clear, Concise Covid Briefings

There is a large amount of Covid information and guidance available.  Most of it changes frequently, a great deal is not relevant to your workplace and there is a lot of mis-information on social media.

We produce briefings when:

  • Guidance Changes
  • New Requirements are Brought In
  • To Refresh People’s Memories

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Finding the latest information

We use industry trade bodies and government advice, such as, the Health and Safety Executive, BuildUK and the Construction Leadership Council to ensure we communicate the latest messages to our clients.

Health and Safety Subscription Service

Subscribers to our online health and safety service receive this briefing and any supporting documents needed to meet record keeping requirements.  Have you considered our packages which are available from just £1+vat per day?


Downloadable Covid Briefing


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