Covid incident response

Covid Incident Response

When a COVID Incident occurs, your employees need to be in no doubt about what action to take.

Covid incident response

Isolation is Key

To reduce the chance of a Covid Incident occurring, ot must be made crystal clear to your employees and subcontractors, that they DO NOT attend work if they:

  • Have a high temperature
  • Have a persistent new cough
  • Have lost their sense of taste or smell
  • or
  • If they have been in contact with a positive case of covid-19 within the last 10 days.

Covid Incident Managment Covid Symptom Poster

Covid Contact Tracing

If a person who has been on site has tested positive, the people that they have been in contact must leave site immediately.  They should be instructed to obtain a covid-19 test and remain away from the site until they have either proof of a negative test result or have completed a 10 day isolation period.

The importance of “teaming” workers into bubbles cannot be stressed enough as it can be the difference between a whole site shutdown or a few people having to leave site.  By keeping a record of the plots that workers have been in can also reduce the impact of a Covid Incident by only having to close those plots.


Clean Up Operation

If robust COVID-Secure procedures are being followed, then potentially contaminated areas are likely to have already been wiped down.  The plots that an infected worker has been in should be off-limits to others for a period of 72 hours.  In the meantime, potentially contaminated plots should be ventilated by opening windows.  Operatives entering the plot to do this must be wearing the appropriate protective equipment and wash their hands when the exit the plot.

Disinfecting a plot after a Covid incident is difficult due to nature of the surfaces in it.  By disinfecting, a person is being put at risk of exposure to the virus therefore the safest option is to ventilate the plot and restrict access.


Record Keeping

Records of each Covid incident must be kept.  Records of any person not attending work due to Covid must be recorded for contact tracing purposes.  Names of those who obtain tests and the result should also be kept.  Such records must be kept securely in line with Data Protection Requirements.


Communicate and Keep Communicating

Ensure that everyone on site is aware of what they need to do.  This may mean delivering the same message day after day to those who are not on site everyday, but it is necessary to keep the message fresh and consistent.

Covid Briefing Download Regularly to combat a Covid Incident
Weekly Briefings sent to all Infinite Safety Service Subscribers.


What You Need To Do Now

  • Update your site induction to state the requirements
  • Ask every person if they have symptoms or have had a test in the last 72 hours when you sign them in each day
  • Ensure workers remain in their Team Bubble
  • Keep a register of Covid related absences and test results
  • Display awareness posters around site

If you are a subscriber to our health and safety service, we will provide you with Covid awareness signs and a register.  Depending on your subscription level, we will also provide your induction file.

If you are not a subscriber but would like to benefit, you can view our packages here.

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