Covid Managagement in Site Offices
Covid Managagement in Site Offices

Keeping Site Management COVID-SECURE

Keeping a Covid Secure site office is vital.  The importance of competent supervision of construction sites remains paramount during the Covid restrictions.

Do you have arrangements in place, should your site team have to self isolate?

At the moment, it is difficult to say who will report for work tomorrow.  Any one of the site team could get the ping on their phone from NHS Test and Trace saying they have been in contact with a positive case.  If you are not prepared, you may be facing a 10 day site shut down and loss of production.

In this post, I’m outlining steps to best protect your site and business, should your site manager be prohibited from coming to work.

      1. Elimination is better than Reduction

Protect your site manager like the queen bee of the hive.  Although the manager will have to walk round site and enter plots, they do not have to be put in contact with others in enclosed spaces.  Ensure those entering have a vital reason to do so to keep a Covid secure site office.  You may also be eligible to be part of the Covid Workplace Testing Scheme, which would identify asymptomatic carriers putting your site at risk.

      2. Delivery Driver Management on Covid Secure Construction Sites

Person to person contacts must be reduced and delivery drivers are high risk due to the number of sites they are visiting.  The Health and Safety Executive have produced guidance on drivers welfare at delivery and collection sites. Have clear instructions for the delivery drivers.  Direct them to the drop off point and have a lidded box for them to put the notes in.

 Alternative communication methods to ensure a covid secure site office3. Operative Contact – Alternatives to Entering the Covid Secure Site Office

Contact with the site manager should be by phone – not in person if you want to keep a Covid secure site office.  If there is an issue that needs looking at, which there certainly will be, could a photo be taken and a conversation with both people looking at it on their own phones?  If that is not possible, then a 2m distance must be maintained.  Wearing face coverings can reduce the social distance required to greater than 1 metre but this should not be happen as a matter of course.  Progress checks should be made with the operatives out of the area.  Meeting in person should be as a last resort.  Consider contacts and use the phone where necessary.

  4. Covid Secure Site Office Sharing

Desks need to be as far apart as possible and certainly not facing each other.  If one member of the site team has to self isolate, it is possible that the people they share an office with will also have to isolate, leaving a site without management.  Arrange desks apart from each other and tape the floor to prevent people coming within 2m of each other.

   Equipment and documents could be contaminated in the event of an outbreak5. Self Isolation Planning

If your site manager cannot come into work due to a suspected, or confirmed, case of Covid-19, you need to consider the area they have worked in as contaminated.  Consider how will you share information if a site management transfer is required at short notice?  One solution is file sharing electronically, such as google sheets.  By updating daily, the file can be accessed on each individuals device, eliminating potential contact. It is important that the Site Team know Where To Access the Latest COVID guidance. Have a plan for your site manager being absent due to Covid.

Do you have a Covid incident emergency plan?

If not, use the Contact Form with the subject COVID PLAN and I’ll be in touch to help you keep your site open.

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