Covid News Briefing
Covid News Briefing

Covid News 19th February 2021

 Downloadable Covid News Briefing for week ending the 19th of February 2021.

Covid News Briefings are one of the best ways to keep a workplace Covid-Secure.  Communicating staff regularly to reinforce the message is vital to ensuring a high level of compliance.

Workplace Covid Briefing

What should a Covid Briefing include?

  • Include key messages from the UK government.  Currently this is “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” although this may change in the Prime Ministers Covid Briefing on the 22nd of February.
  • Changes to your own Covid Management Procedures.
  • Details of issues specific to a workplace, such as “Plot 24 is closed until Tuesday”.

We write briefings every week, if necessary, or if there have been no changes, then every fortnight.  We email these to our newsletter subscribers every Thursday as part of our compliance newsletter.

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Download Covid Briefing

How to deliver a Briefing

Everyone in the workplace must receive company briefings.  It is a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act that everyone in the workplace receives health and safety communications.

There are two easy ways to deliver your briefing.

For workplaces with staff who come and go, such as on a construction site, the briefing can be given when they are signed into site.  This is another good reason for short briefings.  Simply sign them in and tick a column stating they have received the briefing verbally.

For workers who log in and work online, emailling the covid briefing is effective and leaves an evidence trail that the it has been communicated to them.

In addition to both those methods, the briefing should be displayed prominently around the workplace to ensure everyone actually reads it.  The back of toilet doors is a good area as is near the kettle.


News to Help You Write your own Covid News Briefing Today (or just download ours!)

Testing at Work

Covid Testing in the Workplace Scheme

Businesses in England employing 50 or more people can apply to be part of the Covid Workplace Testing Scheme.  Full details and the link to apply are in this post, published on the 8th of February 2021.







Covid Incident Response

This is a useful post as a reminder of what to do in the event of a covid outbreak at work.  Additionally, it contains key messaging about isolation and when people must not attend work.

Emergency Plan for Construction Sites










Covid-Secure Site Offices

This post outlines steps to take to keep your site open and your site office covid-secure.  It includes ideas to keep your site safe and plenty of ideas for your covid briefing.

Covid Secure Site Offices


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