Covid tests at work

Workplace Covid Testing

Workplace Covid Testing is now available to businesses employing over 50 people.

The UK Government are making Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests available to employers who apply to be part of the Workplace Testing Scheme.

Covid Workplace testing SchemeWhat is the Workplace Testing Scheme?

The Workplace Testing Scheme is a preventative measure to identify cases of Covid-19 before symptoms appear, or in asymptomatic carriers.  Employees, or operatives, are required to undertake a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test twice a week which will return a result of positive, negative or invalid within 30 minutes.

How is the Lateral Flow Test Done?

Employers who are part of the scheme need to provide an area for testing and supervise that the test is completed correctly by the employee, or operative.

Operatives need to swab their throat, then their nose, using the same swab.  The swab is then put in a device which will give a result within 30 minutes.

What is the benefit of testing at work?

Employers can reduce the spread of Covid-19 dramatically if they can isolate the people carrying the disease.  As some people are asymptomatic, meaning they do not show any symptoms, cases are not being identified and virus is spreading.  An unidentified case on a construction site could lead to a large number of the workforce becoming infected and the site having to close.  By undertaking pro-active lateral flow tests, the infected individuals can be isolated and the remainder of the workforce can be protected.

Sign up for the Workplace Testing Scheme

Eligibility criteria for the Coronavirus Workplace Testing Scheme is as follows:

  • The business must be registered in England
  • The business must employ 50 people or more
  • Employees cannot work from home

To register via the UK Government Portal, you will need

  • Your company registration number
  • Your company name
  • and an email address

You can find out more on

If you are a subscriber to our services, we can complete this process for you or use the Contact page if you have any questions.

Keep up to Date with the Latest Construction Industry Guidance

The UK government have identified several industry bodies to update their sectors on best practice.  You can read more about Construction Sector bodies in our Sector Specific Guidance post.

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