Covid Advice for Construction Businesses

Over the last 12 months the UK Government have provided a great deal of Covid advice for construction businesses.

Covid advice for construction businessesReceiving good Covid advice for your construction business has never been more important and the majority of coronavirus guidance is just that – Guidance, leaving some business owners confused about what action they need to take.  Although laws have been passed they are not all specifically applicable to the workplace.  As a business owner, you do have a duty of care in general to protect your employees and third parties affected by your business activities.

Current covid advice for construction is based on the Construction Leadership Council and their Site Safe Operating Procedures.

The Construction Leadership Council Procedures were the framework upon which the UK Government created their guidance document, Working Safely During Coronavirus – Construction and Other Outdoor Work.

The document itself is general but can be applied to all construction sites and work within other peoples homes.  However, it has now been recognised that certain trades bodies are better placed to advise their members.

Industry Trade Body Advisory Services

As the spread of coronavirus is on the decline again, the UK Government have issued a list of trade bodies who will update on best practice and covid guidance for the construction industry.  The full list for all Trade Bodies can be read here but the bodies charged with providing covid advice for construction businesses are:

  • Build UK
  • The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF)
  • Certass (Glazing Industry)
  • The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board)
  • The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF)
  • The Mineral Products Association
  • The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT)

We check the above bodies on a daily basis and update our clients.  If you are interested in benefitting from our services, more information can be found here.

No Vaccine No Job Rumers are a Good Example of False Covid Advice for Construction Businesses 

Can my employer force me to have covid vaccine?Construction sites can be a breeding ground for Chinese whispers and last week we posted an article to clear this up.  You can read the article in full here.  The covid advice for construction businesses at a health and safety level on this topic has not been addressed, but the Employment Law implications are clear.


Employees and Employers alike have both been asking us questions around their rights.  Can I refuse the vaccine and still work? Can I ask my employees to have the vaccine?  As it stands today, the NHS call people for the vaccine and construction industry employers do not have a say.

As an employer or an employee, the best covid advice is to:

  • Maintain a 2 metre distance between each other
  • Wear face coverings in enclosed spaces (including vans)
  • Wash hands regularly, before and after using shared facilities and equipment

If you wanted to implement test and trace and have your operatives scan into site, we have written a post about how to generate a QR code.  The NHS app will take care of positive case alerts to reduce virus spread.

CITB SMSTS Grace Period is Ending

The CITB extended the expiry dates of their Site Managers Safety Training Scheme due to the Covid Pandemic.  The grace period given is being brought to an end.  Make sure you book your course before the expiry date.

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