CITB Grace Period for SMSTS Ending

SMSTS Grace Period

CITB Grace Period for SMSTS Ending

The grace period for SMSTS and SSSTS Courses offered by the Construction Industry Training Board is coming to an end.

Grace periods for SMSTS and SSSTS courses were a thing of the past until Covid happened.  But the grace period is not around for much longer!

What is the SMSTS?

smsts grace periodSMSTS stands for Site Managers Safety Training Scheme.  It is the industry standard health and safety qualification for construction site managers.  Other schemes are available, but this one is by far the most common.  It is also known as the 5 day site managers course and is widely available.

SSSTS is the lower level of the Site Managers Course.  Often referred to as the triple S T S, this 3 day course is for site supervisors rather than site managers.  SSSTS stands for Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme.

Both courses are valid for five years after which a refresher course is required.  The refresher course is two days long but if the qualification expires, the whole five day course must be sat again.

What is the Grace Period for SMSTS?

There is not usually a grace period but the CITB have allowed one because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  With face to face, classroom training being unfeasible, those with expiry dates in 2020 were given a grace period to renew their qualification.

People with qualifications expiring after October 2020 now have until the 30th of April 2021, when the grace period for SMSTS ends, to sit the two day refresher course.

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