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health and safety news

Health and Safety News March 2021

Health and Safety News Round Up – March 2021

Health and Safety News for March 2021 has, thankfully, not focussed on Coronavirus.  Now the Covid pandemic is somewhat under control, the focus this month has been on general health and safety issues.

Health and Safety updates are vital to keep your business one step ahead on safety.  Being pro-active rather than re-active can reduce your business risk significantly.

Your Health and Safety Priorities for April 2021

That awkward time of year when you are looking at the finances.  It’s exactly the same in my business it is in yours, so here’s what I’ll be focussing on in the coming month.

  • Check employees PPE – Buy it quick to get it in the tax year.
  • Tools and Equipment – Again, buy now to get the tax deduction.
  • Check contracts – are you getting the best value? What is included in your service?
  • Insurance Renewal – Mark it on your calendar a month before expiry.  Shop around with Quidco or Top Cashback for the best deal and cashback in your pocket!
  • Vehicle Safety – When were your company vehicles last serviced?  Mark due dates on your calendar.

Most Read Post in March 2021

shorts on building site

You can tell the weather is picking up when a post I wrote in September 2020 is the most popular post in March!!

The Law Against Shorts on Construction Sites looks at the legalities of wearing shorts on a building site.

The position of the Health and Safety Executive is included along with links to free downloads to help you stay on the right side of the law.

Be warned – there is gory photography on this post.  A lovely example of Pizza Knee which did not involve hot cheese!!

Health and Safety News in Bitesized Chunks

Are you receiving the Infinite Safety newsletter?  I send it out every week direct to your inbox.  It arrives on a Thursday to give you owner/workers time to action when you are not overwhelmed at the start of the week.

The Health and Safety Newsletter includes:

  • Exclusive free downloads
  • Training Discounts
  • HSE Prosecution Action
  • Guest posts from related consultancies such as HR, Employment Law, Resilience, Environment

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