Download a Training Matrix

A Training Matrix is an easy way to manage the training records of your workforce.

The Legal Bit

Download a Training MatrixIt is a legal requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, that you provide Training for your staff.

If the worst happens and there is an accident, you will be required to provide training records for the individuals concerned.

Another benefit to keeping an up to date training matrix is that it will be requested as part of the new Common Assessment Standard.  It will also be requested by clients as part of their Due Diligence.

Recording Training

There are three types of training than can be recorded on a training matrix:

  • Formal qualifications
  • Competency to do a particular task such as operate a particular machine
  • Health and safety qualifications

Firstly, the training provided to your workforce needs to be recorded so you know who is competent to do what.  The training matrix makes this clear at a glance

Secondly, a training matrix will help you identify when training is due for refresher or when a qualification is due to expire.

What Does a Training Matrix Look Like?

They are usually an Excel Spreadsheet.  They have the employees names down the left hand side and the qualifications across the top.  It looks like a large table.

The expiry dates of each qualification for each person are put in and you can see who is qualified and who is not.  If you are really clever with Excel, you can have the squares change colour when training expires.

Download a Training Matrix

We’ve prepared a blank excel worksheet training matrix for you.  It has an example entry so you can see the types of information required.

Just delete this when you enter the information for your own staff.

Simply enter your email address to download a free training matrix.

The courses are across the top row.  These should be changed to courses relevant to your business.

Employees names are down the side which should be changed to your employees

Finally, the expiry dates of the training must be entered.

Labour Only Subcontractors

The undertake your work and you have a duty to ensure they are competent to do so.  Therefore, any workers employed on a labour only basis should be included on your training matrix.  They can be identified as labour only in the position column.

If you don’t feel confident

We manage training records for our retained clients.  The Training Matrix is produced and updated quarterly with reminders of who will be due for refreshers.  If you feel you could benefit from one less thing on your plate, have a look at our Service or use the Contact page.

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