Asbestos exposure leads to demo contractors 24 week custodial sentence

Demo Contractor Serves Time for Carrying on Regardless with Asbestos

A North West based demolition contractor has been sentenced to 24 weeks imprisonment for exposing his employees, and potentially the public, to asbestos fibres during the demolition of a training centre in Oldham. An asbestos survey had been undertaken by a surveyor recommended by the Demo Contractor.  Approximately 230M3 of asbestos materials had been

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How to Fill In a Health and Safety Questionnaire

How to Fill In a Health and Safety Questionnaire Mini-Training How to Complete a Health and Safety Pre-Qualification Questionnaire A pre-qualification questionnaire is the questionnaire potential clients need sub-contractors to complete before orders are placed. This training will give you the answers you need to Understand the process Complete the form correctly Have the correct supporting…