Construction Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Construction Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Construction Risk Assessments and Method Statements are our speciality.  We work for Housebuilders as well as Subcontractors so we know exactly what you need.

Like anything, if something is not your speciality, it’s difficult.  Writing construction risk assessments and method statements is second nature to us, just like your trade is second nature to you.  Health and safety paperwork is a burden that must be dealt with.  But you have options, there are two ways you can go…

  • Spend Money
  • Spend Time

Let’s look a saving money first

All our Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) are written by a fully qualified Health and Safety Manager.

Many online consultancies provide RAMS produced by computer software.  The details are entered, generating a document which automatically lands in your inbox.  Sounds great, but is it?  Let’s have a look.

The Pros and Cons of Health and Safety Software

The low price is the clear plus point.

The second positive, if you are handy with a computer, its that it’s easy to produce a generic construction health and safety risk assessment and method statement.  It looks professional and it may do the job in getting you and your operatives on site.

But a negative with computer generated construction risk assessments and method statements is that they often don’t make sense.  Or they don’t take into account working around other trades, physical site conditions or the location and planning constraints of the site.

The second and biggest problem is that in the event of a personal injury claim, the documents will be examined by a solicitor.  Every incorrect detail and every missing item will be identified and the liability on you will be greater.  If you can prove that an individual was not working to the construction risk assessment and method statement you provided, then the liability on your business is much less.

You also get what you pay for.  Construction Risk Assessments and Method Statements.  You may not get a health and safety policy, record forms to protect your business or advice when you need it without paying extra.

Now let’s look at saving time

If you are writing your own construction risk assessments and method statements, you are investing your time in producing, checking and sending them out.  What you also need to do is keep on top of changes to health and safety legislation and current guidance.  This takes time and dedication.  Do you really want to spend late nights and weekends doing health and safety paperwork?

Computer generated RAMS may get refused leading to delays in starting on site.  Have you got alternative work for your operatives whilst paperwork issues are sorted out or are you paying them to sit in a van and wait?

Many computer based risk assessment and method statement services are just that.  They don’t offer you advice, complete questionnaires or pro-actively produce documents until you request them.   Some that do offer telephone advice are often a call centre with an operator reading from an online resource.  They may not be qualified and it can be frustrating and time consuming.  There are often contract periods of around five years which is a long time to pay when the service is not serving you well.

So, what do you choose?  Save Time or Save Money?

If you choose to spend your time on risk assessments and method statements, then our website is full of information that can help you.  There’s a weekly newsletter to keep you on the right track and online training discounts to keep your knowledge up to date.

If you choose to spend your money, you can do your job and while we do your paperwork.  We  keep your business compliant and advise how to keep personal injury solicitors away from your door.

Our services start at just £1+vat per day but our most popular package is £6.50+vat per day. For this, we produce all the construction risk assessments and method statements you need – there is no limit.  We also provide your policy, covid-secure documentation and tools, record forms and advice when you need it.  Just tell us the and we will take it from there.  We will even liaise with your clients for you if require as well as completing questionnaires and accreditation applications.

construction risk assessments and method statements

Efficiency is the reason Infinite Safety exists and why the business has thrived over the last 15 years.

Of course, we advise businesses on health and safety matters.  As a business owner you are fully capable of meeting the health and safety requirements placed upon you.  But do you have time to?

Your business is keeping to programme, providing a quality finish and being able to pay staff at the end of the week.

My business is to make your working day easier and less stressful.

If you would like us to help you with your health and safety paperwork, please have a look at our subscription packages.  Alternatively, use the contact form and I’ll be in touch the next working day.