The Construction Industry is booming and there is money to be made.

The sub-contractors that win the work are the sub-contractors that present the lowest risk to their clients, not necessarily the sub-contractors that submit the lowest price.

I have a number of options to help You demonstrate that your business is not a risk.

diy-template-serviceA DIY membership service where You can download up-to-date templates with a How-To on what you need to do to make them specific to your company.



launches-01-17A Done For You membership service where all the downloads are bespoke to your company and you order site-specific documentation when you need it at no extra cost.



safety-managerAn Outsourced  Health and Safety Manager service where we do all the work to have you SSIP Level 1 complaint within 30 days and operating to best practice standards within 90 days.



Which sub-contractor health and safety service is right for you?

If You want to do your own safety paperwork, are on a tight budget but want the reassurance that your documents protect You legally, the DIY service will suit You.

If You don’t have time to spend preparing paperwork and are looking for a fast solution with a named competent person, the Done For You membership is for You.

If Your business is growing and You want, but can’t afford, a Health and Safety Manager to liaise with your clients, the Outsourced Health and Safety Manager Service is your ideal option.

Click the links for a full specification and pricing of each membership package.