Download a Covid Risk Assessment

Download a Covid Risk Assessment for your business.

Download a Covid Risk Assessment for your business to ensure you are meeting the current Covid-Secure requirements in the UK.

The document downloads in Word format so you can easily add your company name.

Download a COVID Risk Assessment The risk assessment addressed the hazards identified in current Construction Leadership Council guidance and the guidance of the UK Government – Working Safety During Coronavirus in Construction and Outdoor Spaces.

Control measures reduce the risk to your employees and others who may be affected by your business.  The risk level is indicated in numbers and by colour coded for easy identification.


Buy Once Guarantee – Covid Risk Assessments are now essential and require updating when official guidance changes.

When guidance changes, we update our risk assessment then we send it to you, Free of Charge.

Hopefully we will soon live in a world where we don’t need to update and download a covid risk assessment regularly.  Until we do, we have your back and will protect your business.

A Covid Risk Assessment ensures your business is meeting the duty to make their workplace Covid-Secure.  This includes controlling the conditions of the workplace but also the behaviours of their staff and subcontractors.

This health and safety risk is not other workplace risks.  Covid 19 can harm the people you and your staff are in contact with outside of work.  This makes a robust covid risk assessment so important.  By documenting exactly how risks will be managed, you can be sure you have covered them all.

Reduce Coronavirus Risk as Much as Possible

Over the months, we have written many articles about how to manage covid in the workplace and signposted you to the latest industry and government guildance.

We have provided free printable signs for construction businesses and Covid Briefings via our newsletter to be delivered to your site staff.

Now you can Download a Covid Risk Assessment for your business and save yourself hours, if not days, of paperwork.

Click to download a ready-to-go Covid Risk Assessment for £20

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